Monday, June 9, 2008

I have been doing good lately and all has been well but this week I haven't done any of my chores and I know I'm in trouble. And Mike just got the loopy jonny well I better close out he gets off in 20 minutes Im going to do the dishes and vacuum.

In our life

Me and Mike have had our problems but never anything too serious mostly just the common issues that are quickly resolved. But on May 5th,2008 I did something that I deeply regret, I cheated on Mike with a man from his work and we both agreed that it deserved a good dose of the belt so as usual when I would get the belt I went to the bedroom and prepared myself by stripping down to just a t-shirt and laying the belt on the bed and placing the pillows in the center for me to lay across. I then climbed over the pillows and nervously waited after what seemed like forever he came in and said "I'm sorry I have to do this" and with that he picked up the belt and began to whip my bare bottom. It hurt alot and I cried when he finished he gave me time to lay there and sob. Then I got dressed and came out of the room and we discussed why it had to be done. Then I figured like anything else it was over and would'nt come up again but it seemed as though we had grown apart and over the next few months he seemed to be depressed. And it all went back to that incident so we eventually went to see a DD couselor to help us cope with our problem. She suggested that we read up on victorian punishments thats were used in the 1800's and do some research,we were pretty open so we went home and looked online and found alot of information about victorian punishments for women who have committed adultery and had affairs as well as for women who were a little too flirtacious. We reviewed many different things such as cinnamon oil and birch..(apply cinnamon oil to the outer lips of the vaginal area and then spank the bare bottom with the birch) there were many options but we also wanted to be sure that it was also safe so we checked that out as well. The counselor told us that i am still harboring guilt and that between me and him we should work out how to rid me of that guilt, As well as help himm to overcome what has happened. Due to the risk of side affects with cinnamon oil we opted for something more modern like a rubber slapper applied to the lips of the vagina (if your not familiar with a rubber slapper it is similar to that of a slipper sole on a plastic rod to slap with). After careful research we were told that this is relatively safe if done in a safe manner and only applied to the lips as they mostly consist of fat and tissue, Me and mike discussed it and decided we would do it that weekend so that I could have the weekend to rest up after. We decided it would 10 hard slaps of the rubber slapper and he would choose the position and I was to be completly shaved and it would be the same as a spanking no moving or flinching or the stroke wouldn't count. It was monday and I had four days and I was dreading it, as the week went on we didn't discuss it but I know we were both nervous. Finally friday came and Mike gets home and we eat dinner and he gets in the shower I'm thinking good maybe he forgot. Just then he says "jennifer prepare yourself,you have 30 minutes" my mind starts racing, I have butterflies and Im really really nervous so I go upstairs and prepare myself the same as if I was getting spanked. I strip down to a t-shirt and just lay on the bed and wait about 15 minutes later mike comes in with the rubber slapper in his hand and says "I'm going to do 10" he then tells me that I'm to lay flat on my back spread eagle and pull my legs up above my head so I reluctantly get into position and he says "now dont move,you deserve this" and "I'm sorry I have to do this" with that I see him carefully target the slapper to where its going to get my lips and raise it high and land it down directly on my lips and it felt like instant fire I just wanted to jump up and scream but I stayed in position because I knew I deserved this and what I did was wrong, I see him raise it again and target it directly on the lips and once again I feel it smack down hard against my lips this time I let out a light scream and start to beg and plead for it to stop and he tells me that hes doing whats best for us and he raises it again and targets it directly in the center of the lips and SMACK right across the center of my lips and I start to jump up and catch myself and remain in position my lips are blazing and I'm now sobbing he continues until he reaches number 10 and once he finishes he hugs me tightly as I'm sobbing and he says "I love you, and I only want the best for us" he then kissed my forehead and left me to think over what had happened. To some people they would find that to be a little bit of an innappropriate punishment and to be honest we would have too before we had researced and experienced it. There was no after effects and no markings and it is very safe but I was very sore the next day and my guilt was gone and he no longer felt angry or depressed after that either.
Back in the Victorian Era in the 1800's-1890's figging was typically used as a form of punishment. Figging is typically where a pepper such as a cayenne,jalepeno or more commonly a ginger root will be prepared and inserted anally, it can be a real attention getter as well as prevent flinching during a spanking.
Domestic Discipline typically means that one party in the relationship (known as the H.O.H or Head of Household) typically the man but in some cases the woman will enforce the rules. The rules are made by and agreed by both parties as well as the consequences, and typically if a rule is broken or something is done that both parties agree was not acceptable then the H.O.H will punish the other by use of corporal punishment the punishment typically is part of the D.D relationship and therefore does not need to be agreed upon. (typically an over the knee spanking to the bare bottom) there are also other ways that some H.O.H's punish such as by using a belt,paddle,switch etc. Depending on the offense etc, Many H.O.H's use what works best and gets the best results.
Hi My name is Jennifer me and my significant other Mike have made this blog to give people a glimpse into our lives. We practice Traditional Domestic Discipline as well as other forms of effective punishment when needed as a way to keep order in our household. Domestic Discipline is a way to maintain a healthy happy realtionship.